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Its My Party

By: Arleen M. Kaptur

Parties range from quick get-togethers to very elegant, formal affairs.
If you are the host/hostess, the bulk of the responsibility lies on your
shoulders. So make an impression that will knock the socks off of all
your guests. You are not a professional caterer - you don’t have to be.
A few simple tricks or tips and you are an entertainment specialist.

Mix crisp pieces of cooked bacon, crumbled, with your buttery string
beans or use the bacon as a garnish on top of egg salad, deviled eggs,
tomato slices, or potato salad.

Serving steaks or roast beef? Whip butter with your favorite herb
(such as garlic, scallions, basil, etc.) in a mixer. Using a small scoop,
serve a “ball" of this seasoned butter with your meat entree. You can
even use your little treasures on top of hot vegetables. Elegant, indeed!

Serving just plain ole’ potato chips? Try using melted grated cheese
(cheddar is great or even pepperjack for a bit more bite), or buy the
salt-free and add a seasoned salt. Your guests will be pleasantly

Serving soup? Try tiny cream cheese balls that you have rolled in
parsley or chopped chives. Place a few in the steaming bowl of soup
and you have soup par exellance!

When using place cards for your dinner guests, try a very considerate
approach. If not everyone at your party knows each other, print the
guest’s name on both sides of the standing place card. This way the
guests across the way can become acquainted with everyone at your
table and not just to the few people around them. Very considerate!

Looking for a vegetable idea:

Choose tender, young carrots in full length (peeled, but not sliced).
Cook until soft, but far from mushy. Using the green tops of scallions,
take three beautiful and colorful carrots and tie them together with the
top of the scallion. You can use two or three tops and you have a very
pretty vegetable bundle to set on the side of the main meat or fish entree.

Serving hot rolls? Take your prepared hot roll mix and make a figure-
eight, or tie a knot, or even shape a letter. Be creative, a basket of
different shapes also adds an added appeal to your table.

Using just a few decorative touches to your meal and Viola! you
are a very good host/hostess and people will beg to come to your parties.
When you use special touchesFind Article, your guests will feel “catered" to.


©Arleen M. Kaptur

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