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Birthday Party Goodies

By: Deborah Shelton
Any Fun Party:
Take Polaroid photos of each guest with the birthday child,
and decorate cardboard picture frames, or make frames with
popsicle sticks.

Dance Party:
Let the birthday child create a mix CD of favorite music.
Burn copies for everybody (and play it at the party too!).

Hawaiian Party:
Decorate inexpensive plastic sunglasses with artificial
flowers. String together more artificial flowers for one-of-
a-kind leis.

Royal Party:
Decorate paper crowns and make scepters from wooden dowels
and plastic jewels.

Sleepover Party:
Decorate plastic light-switch plates with stickers. Allow
your young guests to embellish white pillowcases with
fabric paints for a take-home sleepy surprise.

Spring or Garden Party:
Paint flower pots and include a pack of flower seeds for
children to grow at home.

Survivor Party:
Send the children on a scavenger hunt equipped with
compasses and trail mixes that they can make before the
hunt. The compass will become a new favorite gadget, and
the trail mix is a lot healthier that candy treats.

Tea Party:

Let the girls decorate straw hats with artificial flowers,
which they can wear for the partyHealth Fitness Articles, and later take home.
Complete the party with candy necklaces.

Have fun!

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