Hosting a Tupperware Party

By: Anna Hart

Tupperware party host benefits may be the biggest reason people agree to have a Tupperware party. They are the enticement - a "come-on" that makes people more willing to turn their homes into stores for a few hours.

Tupperware party hosts have expenses and responsibilities, though, which should not be considered along with the rewards.

1. The host is usually responsible for sending out invitations for the Tupperware party. Follow-up phone calls will be necessary if you expect to have a successful party.

2. Tupperware party hosts must spend time and money cleaning the home and preparing for the party. When the party ends and guests leave, the host will be responsible for cleaning up again.

3. Refreshments are also the responsibility of a Tupperware party host. Even if the Tupperware consultant will prepare refreshments as part of his or her demonstration, the host will incur the expense. If you choose a menu that allows the consultant to demonstrate a product you like and believe your guests will order, you can come out the winner.

4. If you decide to host a Tupperware party, you will probably be left with the task of delivering orders, which will arrive at your home. You may ask people to pick them up, or you may take them to their homes. Either way, it will be your responsibility. The Tupperware consultant is not involved.

Tupperware Party Host Benefits

If you enjoy throwing parties, and are comfortable with the responsibilities, you might throw a Tupperware party for the rewards it offers. A recent Tupperware party host flyer I saw tempts prospective hosts to receive $808 in Tupperware for $60. That would be about 93 percent off of the regular price.

Here's what's in it for you if you become that Tupperware party host.

1. Tupperware Party Planning Reward: If you simply discuss with a Tupperware consultant the possibility of holding a Tupperware party, you receive a $2 value "Little Wonders Bowl" free.

2. Tupperware Party Scheduling Reward: If you actually set a date for a Tupperware party, you receive a $4 value 20 ounce canister free.

3. Tupperware party Reward: The host that follows through and holds the schedules party receives a $20 value set of 4 "Big Wonders Bowls" free.

4. Host Bonus: When you host a Tupperware party, you earn credit toward Tupperware products. A recent flyer I saw said that with $425 in party sales, the host bonus equals 15 percent of sales or $64. A Tupperware party host with that amount of credit may select $64 worth of Tupperware products free. He or she may also purchase any two additional products at half price.

5. Host Credit: Once a Tupperware party host reaches $425 in sales AND gets 2 or more party-goers to schedule their own parties, the host can use the Host Bonus to shop from an Exclusive Host Product Selection. If party sales reach $1000 or more, and 2 party-goers schedule their own parties, on-the-spot, the host receives $200 in Host Credit. Add this to the Host Bonus, and you have $264 in credit to redeem in products. Buy the special featured products with your credits, and you can save even more.

6. Reward Added to Rewards: The Tupperware party host flyer shows a "Caribbean Craze" set and promises the host 83 percent savings. The flyer promises that if a party is hosted during the flyer month, nets $1000 or more in sales, AND yields two additional scheduled parties, the Tupperware party host can purchase this 25-piece set, a $301 value, for only $50. The host also receives free shipping on orders. Add together all of the above, and you get over $808 in Tupperware for $60.

7. Entertainment: The final benefit for a Tupperware party host is the entertainment - the opportunity for a short "night out" to unwind and relax with friends, family, and neighbors. Tupperware recipes can provide great refreshments, and if the consultant prepares them as part of the demonstration, you have little preparation to do.

Those are some of the reasons I have seen for hosting a Tupperware party. Does that mean I host them frequently? No. I am not a party person, and you may not be either. But if someone asks you to host a Tupperware party, you now have more information on which to base your answer.

Disclaimer: The author is not now, nor has she ever been a Tupperware dealer. She has no acquaintances, friends, or family who are Tupperware dealer. She offers the above information for educational purposes only.

By: Anna Hart

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