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Advantages of Prefabricated Barbecue Grill Islands

By: Mike Lombardy

A prefabricated barbecue grill island is a large stationary structure that has space for a gas grill and sink and comes with plenty of counter space .With Apart from the basic grill and sink model these prefab islands now come in a host of different configurations and can house cabinets, refrigerators, dishwashers, warming drawers, storage drawers, outdoor bars and hold on even plasma screens.

Building an outdoor kitchen is the dream of every cooking enthusiast. However you need not get into the hassles of pluming and masonry. Just order an outdoor kitchen island, choose the location to install, plug in the gas and water lines and voila you are ready for the steaks and burgers! These islands are almost completely customizable. You choose the enclosure you want and then pick out the charcoal or gas grill and whatever other appliances and amenities you might want.

The barbecue island's history can be traced back to popular TV show, "Dallas". The production team of the show felt that the Texas family would of course "barbecue" and they would do it on a gas grill which should reflect their wealth. The Ducane Company was asked to come up with a prototype. The company built a dual grill with lots of counter space. From this fictional grill was born an industry and now several companies make these units.

Well all these advantages of prefab barbecue grill islands come at a price. Certain models can cost upwards $10000. But if you looking for convenience and looks ,go for them.

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