Father's Day Traditions

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A father's love is a powerful force. Here are ten meaningful family traditions to help you celebrate Dad this Father's Day.

1. Make sure Dad knows that this is his day and that you will be spending time as a family doing whatever he wishes. If you have younger kids in the house, ask them to make him a crown that he can wear on his big day.

2. Let the kids make Dad breakfast and send it up to him on a tray when he wakes up. Also make sure he has a cup of coffee or tea, as well as the day's newspaper and a sharp pencil if he enjoys doing the crossword or Sodoku puzzle.

3. Give Dad a Memory Jar. Cut 50 to 100 strips of paper, and give 20 or 30 to each family member so that they can each record special memories they have shared with dear Dad. This Father's Day, present him with the jar. In subsequent years and on other important holidays throughout the year, you can add to the jar by including more strips of paper in his card or gift.

4. Ask the kids to write a letter to their Dad, detailing the things that they appreciate about him, as well as the special memories that they will treasure from the past year. Make this an annual tradition and keep the letters so that you can collect them in a book or album as the children get older. An alternative is to record the sentiments on video. Each year, you can watch the video and add to it.

5. Ask your dad about his favorite charity and, each year, make a donation in his name.

6. What is Dad's favorite sport or activity? Take the family along for a bike ride or picnic, if he enjoys the great outdoors. If he's a golf lover, have the kids plan a few hours of fun at the local putt putt course.

7. What is Dad's favorite board game? Make sure to take time during the day to play a game.

8. Invite the dads in your neighborhood over for a barbecue. The moms can do the grilling while the dads relax with a cold glass of iced tea or other beverage.

9. If you don't have grandparents or uncles living close by, make sure to give each of the special dads in your family a call or send them a handmade card.
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