The Fathers Day Celebration

By: Angela Renee

Sure there may be many deadbeats who not only have never given a bath, given pep talks to their children or never cooked a meal for their family but there are way, way more good Fathers willing to go that very last mile for their family! But for some very odd reason, it is not publicized like the negatives around fathers.

So what can you do to honor the father in your life who's willing to run to the store in the middle of the night for a last minute treat? So what can you do to honor the father who figures out how to pay that unexpected bill? So what can you really do to honor the father who makes sure if it's within his powers to make sure his family has a place to sleep, food to eat and more, honor him and here are some suggestions;

Fathers Day - Honor Suggestion!
Make every effort possible to have a peaceful family day and for dinner everyone can share with dad why he is so special to them.

For example mom, you could lead with "I am glad that the kids have you as a father, we made a great pick." And assist the smaller children - ask them did you enjoy for example playing with dad? And if they say yes, tell them to tell him.

Fathers Day - Honor Suggestion!
Give him a free day from his life responsibilities and duties by pampering him. Men also need breaks or down time to renew from life! And please don't pitch a fit if he decides he would like to spend the rest of his last few Fathers Day hours with the guys - hopefully respectful hours. Pamper him on this day.

Honor all the fathers in your life by letting them know how you feel! Remember this old saying, "action speaks louder than words?" WellArticle Search, nothing beats words and action with meaning from the heart.

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