Ways to Make Child Halloween Crafts Safe and Fun

By: Kathy Pratts

Halloween can be an extremely fun time to spend with your kids doing some child Halloween crafts together. Preparing Halloween costumes, accessories and makeup for your kids can be exciting. But because you are making these for your kids, safety should also be in mind to keep the Halloween season enjoyable and a memorable one.

Keep it mind, however, that child Halloween crafts must be safe and suitable for toddlers to 12-year-old kids. Use non-abrasive/harsh materials. Instead, make sure to use hypoallergenic makeup and glitter specifically made for a child's sensitive skin. Abrasive/harsh materials you should avoid include tin foils, hard plastic from cutout objects (otherwise, you should file the sharp edges), pointed accessories, and twigs with splinters.

Avoid using adult makeup as these are made of stronger makeup components that can easily irritate a child's skin. Practice safe child Halloween crafts preparations and make your own Halloween makeup at home. Homemade Halloween makeup often does not cause allergic reactions because it is just made of cornstarch, corn syrup, food coloring and water. However, you can always do a patch test first.

Consider always the safety of your child when buying materials for child Halloween crafts. When using glitter don't buy the regular ones used for paper. These can be abrasive to both the skin and eyes and therefore can cause inflammation and reddening. Go to a specialty or makeup store instead and look for products that state "body glitter" or "face glitter".

Be careful when choosing household materials for your child Halloween crafts session. For accessories use cardboard instead of tin foil or cutout hard plastic. If your child is going to run around with a tin foil or cutout plastic star on a wand, the pointy edges could accidentally end up in the eye. Use cardboard or Styrofoam instead. You can wrap these in silver kitchen foil or glitter for that brilliant sheen. You can also spray-paint them with silver, gold or other metallic colors.

There are a variety of child-safe costumes sold in specialty shops for use in child Halloween crafts. If you're going to make a costume together with your child, it might be a good idea to put away those needles and use no-sew costumes for your child Halloween crafts idea. If you're going to buy a costume, make sure it is easily detectable from afar (in case your child gets lost), flame-resistant, and can fit well on your child so he/she doesn't trip.

Your child can come dressed as The Sleepwalker, which only requires your child to wear PJ's and set of curlers; you can also think of any character with a cape, such as superman or batman, which only requires you to attach a cape and a mask. You can create masks simply with a paper plate and garters.

Making child Halloween crafts both fun and safe for your kids doesn't have to be a difficult task. First think of safe materials and work around those using your imagination to create distinctive Halloween themes and styles.

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