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Are You in a Bad Relationship? 10 Warning Signs

By: Bill Urell
Oftentimes couples go through what seems like an eternal rough patch while being oblivious to the signs that their goog relationship is sliding toward a bad relationship. I

It isn't uncommon for people to hang on to what seems like a dysfunctional relationship with no future just because they had a great past. In fact this is quite a common phenomenon because we usually don't notice the negative qualities of an individual during the initial "romantic stage" of a relationship.

If you are going through a hard time in your relationship but don't know whether you should call it quits or not, here are the top ten telltale signs to let you know that you should:

1. You seem to be always frustrated about your relationship. For instance, you feel your emotional needs are never being met.

2. You find yourself looking for excuses to avoid spending time together

3. You are being abused physically.

4. There is emotional harm and abuse occuring.

5. The intensity and vibrancy of emotions that were present in the beginning are now gone. Now you only have memories about how good it once was.

6. You've compromised and sacrificed your beliefs, ambitions and core values in order to adjust to your partner's needs, with the hope of eliminating the problems of your relationship.

7. You've completely and radically changed your appearance hoping that your partner will find you more attractive.

8. you feel hollow and a shell of your former self.

9. You've distanced yourself or totally disconnected from former close friends and/ or family members to accommodate your partner in your life.

10. You feel like your partner doesn't appreciate anything you do or have achieved in life and is trying to undermine you every step of the way.

If you observe these signs in your relationship, then you should know that it's high time to reevaluate where your relationship is headed. Perhaps the most practical way of doing this would be to make a list with two columns. Use one column to list the positive traits of your relationship and jot down the negative attributes of your relationship in the other. Take the time to come up with a concrete list in both columns. Once you are done with the list, see which column is longer in order to ascertain whether the odds are stacked against the survival of your relationship or there's hope for you and your partner yet. By doing this you can view the entire situation in an objective manner. You then make it easier to end the relationship.

Thus, to conclude, remember that a relationship is supposed to bring joy and security to your life and not make an emotional wreck out of you. So, if you see all of the signs discussed in this article, it's best to quit while you're ahead.

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