Kid's Have Feelings Too!

By: Lyka
It's quite tempting to mistreat even our own children. We fail to keep their emotions and rights in mind at times. Many times, we forget that though they are much smaller than us, they are no different from us. They feel like we do.

Even mothers can fall into sin by ignoring the needs of their kids. I'm not talking about their physical needs. Im talking about their relational needs. Do you deal with a child on a regular basis? Here are some helpful reminders for you.

1. Answer their questions. Don't you just hate it when you're ignored, and your own questions go unanswered? When you are in the middle of something that shouldn't be interrupted, briefly request your child to wait.

But be sure to get back to him later. Refrain from always saying, 'I don't know, honey.', just to ward off your child. He might just figure that you don't know anything at all!

2. Respond to their needs. When you are in the middle of something important and you feel that the child can wait, think; the child might feel that what he's requesting is important too. It's tempting to just shun a child away, especially if he just wants to look for a lost toy or a story book. But that's what's important for him. It's valuable to him. Show your love by valuing what he values as well.

3. Respect their TIME. Sometimes, we fall guilty into squeezing our children into our own schedule. We fail to remember that they have their own schedule too. Refrain from postponing activities your child has requested for you to do. And when spending a day in the mall, or unwinding somewhereComputer Technology Articles, be sure to give them time to look at things they also want to look at and go to places they also want to go to.

ACID TEST: How would I feel if my child was me?

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