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By: Cbuelow
While adopting a child is an exciting period in a parent's life, the adoption process may become time-intensive and taxing. In order to create as smooth as adoption process as possible, parents should seek information and resources. Informed parents should also identify resources for life-after-adoption.

One of the best ways to find information about adoption, the process as well as after adoption, is through the number of adoptive publications available. These publications focus on a variety of different subjects and have current news on the adoption world. Here are some of the many adoption publications available in the United States:

Adoption Today: Gives answers to issues about international as well as domestic adoption. Writers include adoptive parents, adoptees, and professionals in medicine, law, education, social work, child development and international and domestic adoption.

Fostering Families Today: A sister magazine to Adoption Today offering information about the foster care process. Written for foster and adoptive parents as well as the professionals who work with foster care and adoption. A myriad of topics are covered such as child rights in foster care, educational needs of children, therapy, foster-adoptive planning and sibling placement

Narrations: A quarterly newsletter focusing on the impact of the adoptive process on children ages 8 to 13. Made up completely of contributions from children touched by adoption.

Real Mom: Newsletter written to encourage and support adoptive and prospective adoptive mothers. Focuses on domestic adoption.

Adoption Blessings Journal: Christian based publication sent to the "adoption triad" of adult adoptees, birth parents and adoptive parents. Focuses on the search for birth relatives as well as the trials of adopting a child. Supported by volunteer donations.

Online publications are also wonderful resources. Some websites to look at:

Adoption (.org) Services: Grants users access to over 400,000 adoption web pages; lists professionals and products; and links to forums and chat rooms.

AdoptUsKids (.org): National photo listing service for children awaiting adoption across the country; sponsored by Department of Health & Human Services, Administration for Children and Families; also features a comprehensive resource center.

Adoption Institute (.org): Lists reports and contains research information on the latest programs, projects and adoption events across the country.

These and other adoption publications provide first hand knowledge on all aspects of adoption. By reading such publications as well as researching the adoption process, prospective adoptive parents can put many fears at ease.

With this knowledge the adoption process will become less frightening and be easier to pursue, allowing more and more families to realize the joy and completeness that can come with adoption.
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