Adoptive Families Fears Adoption Failure

By: Nbisea
In most cases knowing how things are going to proceed can take the worry out of the entire process. In the case of adoptive families trying to pursue their dream of having a child, knowing is one thing, yet the reality is quite another.

They have to make important decisions, such as whether to go through an international child adoption agency, or perhaps domestic adoptions would be the better route to follow. Do they have enough money to pay for the paper work, agency fees and court fees? Will they be approved for the adoption? These are real fears that can add tremendous pressure.

For singles and same sex couples looking to adopt a child, the process and laws can be horrific. Some states are actively pursuing legislation that prevents single women, single men or same sex couples from being able to adopt a child from a state adoptions agency or even from a private agency.

People against singles or same sex couples believe that the kid will suffer from emotional and psychological damage by having these people as parents. However, there is no proof that they would not be loving role models or that they would inflict psychological damage.

Adoptive families also have to worry about biological parents trying to take back the children after the bond has been established between the adoptive family and the child. It is a real concern, as evident by the slew of court cases where a biological parent has changed his or her mind.

In some cases, the father was never told about the kid and consequently, did not give up his parental rights. Both parents, unless there is no way to find the father or there are extenuating circumstances, must sign away their paternal rights to the adoptive family.

There are also the rigorous rounds of paper work, interviews and home studies that must be performed before the adoptive families are allowed to take custody of their kid. The expenses can be enough to deter anyone when you are looking at thousands of dollars for fees, court costs and the cost of hiring an adoption attorney.

Many people find that they can not afford the process by simply saving and must take out loans to cover all of the expenses. But for those who manage to stick with it and can afford the cost, it is worth all of the hassle and money just to have a kid.
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