Your Dating Site Logo, whats new?

By: pilotgroup
I would like to talk about your Dating Site logos. Your logo is a very important thing as it make users recognize, remeber the site url, it attracts people by its design and allows to create a whole atmosphere at the site.
I personally think that your Dating Site should have a flexible logo that will be changing its image slightly during the year to entertain users and to encourage users to come back to your site from time to time. The occasions may be different: Dating Site's anniversary, getting many new users registered on your site, "Love holidays" (St. Valentine's Day for instance), public holidays and of course Christmas and the New Year.
I don't mean that you should entirely change your logo every time. Leave the basics as they are, just add some attributes associated with the holiday or event that is coming soon.

For Halloween it may be a pumpkin, for St.Valentine's Day - a heart, for the New Year - a New Year tree or a present box, for Christmas - angels and mistletoe (though those holidays have many other symbols). Try to choose images that you personally like. Listen to your heart, be honest and sincere with your members and they'll estimate it!
If I think about the examples of great logo management I remeber Google at once. Their logo is the only stable thing in the pages and may be that's why they put so much attention to it. But it works greately. Seems like they have a special department of designers who are inventing more ways to add attributes to Google logo. This year I enjoyed their imagination! And you? Did you have a chance?
And have a look at their New Year's logo (see the image at the top). It's so cute. May be we should take time to do something like that at our Dating Site cause the main goal for us when we start a Dating Business is to draw as many people to it as we can. And if people are bored they won't come again. So let's do te first easy step towards our customers and use our creativity to entertain them! Of course them come content and functionality but your logo should stand out of the crowd. That's for sure! Good luck!

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