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By: tpcedwards
In today's economic times, starting your own home-based business has become an increasingly popular way to make additional income. The choices you have in deciding what type of home business to have are enormous. When first starting out I would advise that you take a few minutes to sit down and write out a list of hobbies you enjoy, or things that you are knowledgeable about, and look for a home business built around that.

Next, go online and begin looking for the best rated home businesses in your particular field. It will be easy to find one that will suite your needs and desires. Need some help in getting ideas? Here is a quick list of some of the best rated home businesses available today.

Direct Sales - The Internet is quickly becoming the world's marketplace. You can sell and purchase anything online. This has opened up a brand new era in direct sales. Before you say, "I'm not a salesperson", understand that the power of the Internet can do a lot of the selling for you. You will have a website for customers to go to and order your products from. You will not be doing any of the shipping; the company will take care of that for you. Many times you are even paid directly from the customer first, eliminating having to wait on getting paid. Your biggest need in any direct sales home business will be an advertising budget to draw traffic to your website. The direct sales industry is a great way to build a large home business income in a quick amount of time.

Crafts - If you are the type of person who enjoys arts and crafts, you can definitely start your own home business doing that. You can easily sell crafts at any local flea market, or have a table at the next crafts fair in your area. Another option in this area is to work for a company putting together crafts. You can find companies online that will pay you to make their craft projects. They give you a list of all materials needed, you make the items per their instructions, and you send them in to the company for approval. After that you are sent a check. I strongly recommend you research the companies before starting. There are many less than reputable craft businesses on the Internet today.

Website and Graphic Design - This can be a very exciting and fast-paced field to work in from home. If you have good computer and graphic skills then this may be the home business for you. You will need to have some decent marketing skills in order to build your business, but once you get started you will get a lot of word of mouth referrals. Because of the continuing boom of the Internet this is certainly one of the best rated home businesses available today.

Child Care / Day Care - Do you love kids of all ages? Consider getting certified and licensed to become a day care provider. There is a huge market available to professionals who provide this service. As a side benefit this business also allows you to spend time with your own children.

Sewing / Alterations - Sewing has become a lost art in the United States. If you are good at sewing and doing minor alterations then you could make good money from home in this area. The increased business from word of mouth alone will keep you continuously busy.

Cosmetics - Are you outgoing and enjoy meeting and talking to new people? Consider cosmetic sales as a home business. Whether it be with Mary Kay or Avon, you can make good money working in this field. You will need a good appearance and be good at PR in order to highly successful.

Accounting - Do you have a degree in accounting or book keeping? You can freelance at home by providing accounting services to individuals and small businesses. There is a growing demand for this service and it can provide an excellent income. It is certainly one of the best rated home businesses available.

MLM / Network Marketing - If you have many contacts, or enjoy talking to lots of people, then you may want to consider starting a network marketing home business. There are MLM opportunities in just about every field imaginable. Health and nutrition are very big areas to start a business in. Everyone wants to be healthy and look younger. This industry can make you a lot of money, but it will require a lot of work in the beginning. Patience and persistence is a big key.
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