How To Remove Wallpaper Fast!

By: James Thomas

So you want to know how to remove wallpaper in a no-mess, no fuss, efficient way.

That's great, because stripping off the old, dated wallpaper is almost always better than leaving it on and trying to apply a new covering over the top, though it can be done.

In this article I'm going to share with you my time-tested tips for how to remove wallpaper quickly.

How To Remove 'Strippable' Wallpaper:

Your wall may or may not have strippable wallpaper on it. Most stripplable wallpaper looks like vinyl with a fabric backing. However, the only way to find out if it is strippable is to try and peel it off.

Here's what you should do...

Lift up an inconspicuous corner of the wallpaper with a utility knife and keeping as close to the wall as possible, pull the paper down the wall vertically. Make sure you pull straight down and not away from the wall as this will reduce the chance of the wallpaper tearing.

If the wallpaper is indeed strippable, it should peel off quite neatly by only applying a moderate pressure. If it doesn't, the wallpaper is probably non-strippable in which case you will either need to use the soak, steam or dry strip methods.

If the wallpaper is peeling away, then continue with the method I've just layed out for you.

Most wallpapers are applied in vertical strips, so make sure you work from top to bottom and remember to stay as close to the wall as possible as it is much easier and neater to peel the wallpaper off in once piece.

How To Remove Non-Strippable Wallpaper:

The best method for how to remove wallpaper that you can strip down is to use the steaming method.

Many tool rental and wallpaper outlets rent electrical steamers to DIY home remodellers.

These are quite basic appliances and typically consist of an electrically heated water tank connected by a long hose to a steamer plate with a perforated face.

The purpose of using an electrical steamer is to soften the old adhesive behind the wallpaper itself.

Here's my tips for how to remove wallpaper with an electrical steamer.

As with the method for strippable wallpaper, always work from the top down.

What you do is hold the electrical steamer at the top of a single strip of wallpaper and keep it pressed against it until you see the edges around the steamer plate darken from the moisture.

Then what you do is grab your trusty utility knife, pull up a corner and then try and peel the wallpaper down with your hands in exactly the same way as I've explained above.

If the wallpaper doesn't peel away when applying a moderate pressure, than re-apply the steamer again and even a third time as the old adhesive behind the wallpaper can be quite hard and brittle.

If you still are not able to peel the wallpaper down with your hands, you will need to use a scraper. Again, keep your scraper as close to the wall as possible and scrape from top to bottom and horizontally across the edge of the wallpaper as you work you way down.

This is more time-consuming, but will give you a nice and clean result.

Once you've removed the wallpaper, check the wall for any patches of old adhesive and sand them down with some fine sandpaper.

Your now ready to either re-apply your wall with a new covering. Note: Wallpapering can be a tedious task, so make sure you really love the color, design and texture of the covering you have chosen.

Alternatively, you may like to just paint your walls instead.

Hope you find my 'how to remove wallpaper' tips helpful. Happy do-it- yourself-ing!

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