Bedroom Storage: Smart Solutions

By: Graham Baylis

We all want our bedrooms to feel light, clean and airy, but with many modern houses and city dwellings, and a lack of simple and attractive storage solutions, it’s often difficult to avoid the clutter that transforms a potentially spacious room into an unsightly broom cupboard.

Fortunately, there are lots of effective ways of storing your possessions neatly away, without compromising on style or space. We show you how…

Corner Conundrums

Corner storage units and wracks are a wonderful way to save space as they come in a great range of shapes and sizes to fit even the smallest of spaces. Think about a simple clothes rail that can be adjusted to fit from wall to wall, or a tall CD and DVD stacking tower, both of which are ideal for corner spaces.

You could even invest in custom-made triangular corner shelves that can be used to showcase your favourite ornaments, trinkets and photographs. This could save a lot of space on your trusty bedside table!

Sliding Solutions

Many of us store extra clutter under our beds, but this can make it really hard to access these items when you need them.

It can also look untidy, create health hazards (if you tripped over something that was sticking out) and, of course, collect huge amounts of dust!

The best way to make use of the space under your bed is to invest in some wide, flat storage units with wheels, so they’re much easier to reach. This type of storage is great for housing extra bedding, clothes, bags, toiletries and shoes, and all those heavy items that are impossible to store high-up because of their weight.

Clever Closets

Perhaps the biggest obstacle in modern bedrooms is where and how to store your clothes. Many wardrobes are either simply too small to fit everything in and you have to supplement it with another shelving system, or so large they take up an enormous amount of valuable space.

This is where floor-to-ceiling wardrobes come in. These are a great investment and provide the best way to maximise your bedroom space. Mirrors also create the feeling of extra space in a bedroom, so ceiling-high wardrobes with mirror panels are ideal. have a great range to suit all bedrooms and budgets, from the elegant chrome-framed black mirrored wardrobe to the soft-white, wall-to-wall oriental Pearwood frame with mirrored doors.

Space Savers

If you’re after something smaller and simpler, try Spaceslide’s practical Freespace storage system, an open storage unit with top shelf in a choice of woods and finishes, along with a handy chrome hangar bar. This not only keeps space used to an absolute minimumArticle Search, but makes finding and displaying your clothes even easier.

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