Memory foam mattresses are taking bedrooms by storm

By: Muna Wa Wanjiru
If you stroll through your local mall, there's a good chance you will spot a bed or mattress store. It probably will have nothing to do with spring mattresses, but will be trying to push the next big thing. Memory foam mattresses are taking bedrooms by storm. I couldn't believe myself, how comfortable they are. They claim to hold definite advantages over the old-school mattress and box springs. These dense foam, sleep enhancers supposedly offer a more healthy structure to your body when sleeping. This concerns the alignment of your back and spine.A second big seller on the sleep market today is the air mattress, or Sleep By Number beds. These provide a range of softness to the bed, but in addition, provide each side with separate adjustments.

This way the husband and wife can choose their own level of comfort. This sounds perfect in theory, but I have to admit after trying them out in a store, I wasn't so impressed. While these mattresses were not bad, they were not perfect either. I could never get totally comfortable, and maybe that had a little to do with the price tag. In reality, if you choose either of these new-age mattresses, you're gonna be forking out some bucks. Try a couple thousand. Then I hope you already have a bed frame to put it on. After trying most of the new mattress styles, I have to admit that the memory foam matress was the most comfortable. My wife even agreed on this. Considering the cost, you better make sure you try all concepts before buying. There was just something about the memory foam mattress that allowed total comfort. You just sink in these babies and they form to your body. It's very relaxing. I can't say that I know the life spans of these mattresses or if they harbor any faults, but I can say that I want one. Expensive or not, I don't know about everyone else, but I want to sleep well. How well we rest really affects our mood and work abilities the following day. Therefore in the end, the memory foam mattress is probably worth the price tag if it provides you with a good night sleep.

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