Setting Up Your Bedroom To Give The Right Vibes

By: Sarika Kabra
Your bedroom is the place where you spend your most private and cozymoments. It is the place where you start the day, and end it as well.How many times have you heard yourself repeat ‘looks like I got out ofthe wrong side of the bed today’? If a place has the potential to makeor upset your entire day’s proceedings, you might as well as make itgood and comfortable – why take a chance?Does your bedroom face the sun or away from it? Whatever the feng shuienthusiasts may say (I don’t know, really – the art never enthused meenough), a simple fact is that a room that has the early morning sun’srays streaming onto your bedroom furniture,is bound to fill your mornings with an energy unparalleled by anythingelse. If you are an early riser, you may be lucky enough to have a lookat the rising sun. One look at the magnificent orange ball of fire andyou will be so mesmerized by its sheer beauty and the energy it fillsinside you that you will like to do it again, and again, and yet again.Not for nothing does the Indian art of Yoga have a special stancecalled the ‘Surya Namaskar’, or a salute to the rising sun.

Theancients knew the energy of the rising sun and its inherent benefits,and learnt how to derive positive vibes from it.The selection of your furniture has major implications in how yourbedroom looks and feels. You could pick up a traditional double bed ora platform bed for your master bedroom. Did the furniture storesalesman guide you to pick up a smart pair of matching side tables aswell? If not, go for it now- the tables are extremely useful forkeeping trinkets like your watch, jewelry, reading glasses, the bookyou’ve been reading before you go to bed etc. Use them to keep thenight lamp and the glass of water you may need during the night or foryour morning cuppa tea- the possibilities are endless.I do hope you have catered for adequate space for comfortable movingaround. If you are constrained by a smaller sized room, purchase modernbedroom furniture that is slightly smaller in size and allows you toset it up comfortably enough, leaving adequate space around it for freeand unhindered movement. You wouldn’t like to keep crashing into the TVtrolley in the middle of the night, would you?Space permitting, use a good sofa set to provide some comfortableseating during times that you may want to chit chat and not sit on thebed (it may not be the most comfortable of places to ‘sit’ on). If thespace available is less, you could go in for bedroom chairs. Thoughless comfortable than the former, they will also do the job admirablywell. A chair set would cost considerably less as well.A large mirror is an essential accessory to allow the lady to dresswell and check her outfit before she steps out to receive thecompliments of the world. While some people feel that a smaller mirror,or a mirror in the bathroom can well serve the same purposeFree Articles, it is notactually so. Ask any lady where she’d like to dress up and you’ll haveyour answer.More about other pieces of bedroom furniture in my next article.

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