The Importance Of Employee Orientation

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Businesses have learnt that employee orientation plays a very important role in the development and performance of an employee. Like they say, first impression sare unforgettable. Hence the orientation process must be carefully planned and executed to ensure that the employee ends up knowing all about your company, the company profile and its policies, the target goals, the duties and the role the employee plays in helping the company achieve its objectives

Importance Of Employee Orientation
Once the initial orientation is complete, training is provided to ensure that the new recruits do their best to accomplish the tasks assigned to them. The objective of the orientation is to make the employees are completely familiar with all aspects of their duties. They must be clear about the goals of the company and how they must help the company achieves its targets.

Some companies require that the human resources manager, who recruits the employees needs to follow up the orientation program for a certain duration of time until the employees are completely familiar with their duties and all relevant aspects of the business.

This process makes the recruits feel welcome and helps them know what is expected of them and how best to assist the company.

Tips For Good Employee Orientation

  • Make sure they feel welcome and are familiar with their duties.
  • Do not keep them waiting in the lobby until you figure out what to do with them. Be prepared for their arrival and make sure they are assigned duties after initiation and orientation.
  • Assign a mentor to guide them when they have doubts. Make sure the mentor assigned has time to guide them and is not in a hurry to catch up with deadlines.
  • Make the employees feel they are part of a team. Introduce them to their team members and colleagues.
  • Make sure that you are totally prepared to train and guide them, being certain they are given all that is necessary for them to perform their duties well, such as computers, email ids, and passwords. Get their work area ready and do not keep them waiting.
  • Make the orientation is fun, interesting, and productive. They should not be saturated with unnecessary information and not miss out on essential information. The orientation should lasts for at least the first two months. 
  • Monitor their performance regularly and make sure they are doing the duties assigned to them correctly.

Good employee orientation will ensure that the employees feel motivated and a part of the team and will make an effort to do their best to help the business achieve its goals. Employee development is crucial for customer satisfaction, retention, and the growth of the company.

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