Neff Semi Integrated Dishwashers

By: Braeg Heneffe

Most of the models in the current range of dishwashers from Neff are fully integrated versions. This means that they can be fitted with a full furniture door to conceal the whole appliance, including the control panel. But some of the models, such as the S4457N, S44T09 and the new S4409N are semi integrated. This means that the furniture door only covers part of the machine and leaves the control panel of the dishwasher visible.

As well as the features that are available in all of the Neff semi integrated dishwashers, the S44T09 model also includes Touch Control with ClearText and VarioFlex Plus baskets. The Touch Control programme selection panel is completely smooth and is similar to a touch control ceramic hob in that it does not need any push-able buttons sticking out and looking untidy.? The various programmes available on each appliance can be selected by lightly touching the illuminated symbol of the required programme. Or, instead of selecting the programme that you want, you can just press start and the machine will remember the programme that was used on the previous use.

The VarioFlex baskets that come with this Neff semi integrated dishwasher are designed to allow for larger items such as large pans and casserole dishes to be washed in the dishwasher as well as the smaller items.

After all, it is the pots and pans that we all hate washing by hand anyway! The baskets can be divided and moved around to accommodate all of the washing up, even the really big items.

Some of the other features that are available in most of the?range are the Large Item Spray- for washing pans, oven shelves and other large items by removing the top basket and fitting an additional spray head to he bask of the dishwasher. This facility showers the items to give a thorough clean; the AquaStop facility, which protects the inlet and outlet hoses on the appliance from leakage by incorporating an independent safety valve, which prevents excess water from getting into the dishwasher and making the appliance overflow; and the Concealed Heater, which can be located by looking under the base of the dishwasher. The water is heated by flowing through the heating element, but any plastic items that might be in the bottom basket of the dishwasher are protected and will not melt.

The Neff dishwashers also have a choice of nineteen different languages on the control panel display and there is a Time Delay function, which means that you can pre-programme your dishwasher to come on during times when electricity is cheaper such as during the night. And the dishwasher will not keep you awake if you do decide to pre-set the appliance because they are designed to run as quietly as possible. The general rule with dishwashers and washing machines and tumble dryers, etc. is the newer the model, the quieter it tend to run- so make sure that you bear that in mind when you buy.

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