Space Saving Bosch Slimline Dishwashers

By: Braeg Heneffe

Bosch slimline dishwashers are available as freestanding appliances and built in appliances. Bosch’s kitchen appliances generally come in three different selections: Logixx, Exxcel and Classixx. The Logixx selection is the most premium range and the Classixx selection is the most basic. The choice is yours depending on the funds available and the features that you require. I shall start with the cheapest and most basic selection, which is the Classixx range.

The Classix Bosch slimline dishwasher is just 45cm wide. Despite its compact appearance, it still has room inside for nine place settings, five standard programmes and is available only in white. This particular model is rated A for wash performance, B for drying performance and A for energy efficiency. The drying performance is rated lower compared with all of Bosch’s freestanding standard sized dishwashers, but is still quite good.

The five programmes that are available on this model are Prerinse, Quick Wash at 45?C, Economy at 50?C, Normal at 65?C and Intensive at 70?C. As well as the programmes though here are also several safety features such as the child look and the anti- flood device.

It also has some quite clever technology that Bosch call Auto 3-in-1. This technology ensures that whatever detergent is used in this dishwasher and indeed all of the other Bosch slimline dishwashers, the appliance adjusts the cycle to make sure that the best results are achieved every time. The interior of the dishwasher is stainless steel, making it easy to keep clean.

The Logixx slimline dishwasher has far more features than the Classixx dishwasher and has an energy efficiency rating of A. This model also has a drying performance class of A compared to the B class Classixx model. The Logixx slimline dishwasher is only available in white and there is not much choice as this is the only model available in this range the same as there is only one model in the Exxcel range and only one model in the Classixx range too, giving an overall choice of three Bosch slimline dishwashers.

One of the features that the Logixx slimline dishwaher has that the Classixx dishwasher does not have is the Heat Exchanger. This is a piece of technology that is designed to maximise the energy efficiency and performance of the appliance by using heat that is generated in the main wash to pre-heat cold water before using it in the wash process. The Logixx model also features Rackmatic height adjust, which makes it easy to adjust the height of the upper basket even when it is fully loaded.

The Bosch slimline dishwashers that I have just described have been from the freestanding range of slimline dishwashers, but to save even more space and to effectively hide and integrate the dishwasher, there are also slimline options available in the built- in range that have very similar specifications to the freestanding models. The fully integrated slimline dishwasher has only four standard programmes- it is missing the intensive programme that the others have- and nine place settings.

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