Neff Double Oven

By: Braeg Heneffe

The Series one double oven is available in black, white and stainless steel. The main oven in this model has a useable capacity of 58 litres. The main oven features CircoTherm? technology, which involves a powerful fan that draws air from the interior of the oven. The fan then heats up the air and forces it back into the oven cavity through ducts in the rear wall. The CircoTherm? technology means that the oven heats up rapidly, and it requires little or no preheating. The CircoTherm? fan also makes defrosting easy even for delicate food like fish.

The top oven in the Series one model has a useable oven capacity of 30 litres. The top oven features top and bottom heat, which provides conventional cooking heat sources at the top and bottom of the oven. This means that the heat travels to the centre of the oven by natural conduction so it is ideal for baking pastries and scones and other confectionary goods. It also features a full surface grill so that you can bake in the main oven and grill in the top oven at the same time.

There are two models of Series two Neff double ovens available.

One is a standard and the other is a built under model. They are available in black brown, stainless steel and white and are otherwise similar apart from the type of integration. The main oven in this model has a useable capacity of 58 litres and features the CircoTherm? and defrost technology that is available in series one. The ain difference between series one and two is the AquaCleanse? technology. AquaCleanse? is an aid to cleaning that softens greasy residues so that they are made easier to wipe away.

The top oven in the series two model also has a 30 litre useable capacity and the top and bottom convectional heat and full surface grill features that are available in the series one model, but this top oven also features a centre surface grill designed specifically for smaller quantities.

Series six of the Neff double ovens is the highest and most top of the range double oven that Neff currently have on offer. The main oven in this model also has a useable capacity of 58 litres but includes extra design features such as the glass fascia, oval controls, retractable controls, U-form door design and revolution handles. The top oven has a 28 litre capacity.

The Revolution handle is a safety feature available on the high specification modles. It rotates towards you in a smooth, circular motion as the oven door is opened. Once the door is fully open, it stays in sight at the top of the door.

ClearText is also available in the series six Neff double ovens and is an added feature of electronic control. It selects and controls the various functions of the oven, which means that instead of having all the icons on the oven fascia panel, it groups them into relevant functions and presents clearly, simply and relevantly.

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