Medical Lab Assistant Jobs Salary Expectations

By: Dean Forster

A medical lab assistants job is one of the toughest, demanding and physically exhausting jobs ever. A medical lab assistant is one of the pillars of the medical society, providing support and a helping hand to doctors, physicians and civilians alike. A medical lab assistant's job is to take care of the administrative as well as clinical tasks of the hospital or individual he is working under. One could look at a medical lab assistant as the support staff needed for any major event. A medical assistant provides help in various forms in a medical environment such as a medical lab, clinic or a hospital.

A medical assistant performs a lot of jobs, all physically as well as mentally demanding. This is not a job for people weak at heart. In his lifetime, a medical assistant sees things which people have rarely ever seen. A medical assistant's daily jobs may require him / her to perform various chores like wheeling in stretchers and trolleys, taking blood samples, sterilising equipment, quality and waste control, maintaining and operating various machines, various forms of testing and sometimes in lean hours may even extend to some clerical work.

As it is widely known, a medical lab assistant's job is not an easy one.

Due to the high level of physical requirements this job is only for strong people, persons who can weather out the rough job on a daily basis. Though the main requirement for the job is physical prowess, it is not only just muscle that matters. It is a common misconception that medical assistant's are all about muscle and physicality. Contrary to expectations a medical assistant is often a highly educated and intelligent person. A medical assistant is required to monitor patients and often administer medicines and perform blood tests etc. all of which requires a high level of intelligence, patience and knowledge.

According to surveys performed by a few famous companies, it has been established that a normal medical assistant under normal circumstances works for about 35-50 hours a week, normally from Monday to Friday and averages a pay of about ?17,000 - ?20,000 for a trainee and about ?25,000 for a professional medical assistant per year. The survey also goes on to state that there are more than 3,000 medical assistants working in the UK, mostly in government hospitals and in private hospitals in clinics. You can find out more about medical assistant jobs at

A medical lab assistant's job is one involving a high level of responsibility, accuracy and ability to work under pressure. A medical lab assistant can compile up a resume if he / she thinks they are capable and qualified for the job. One could find a job as a medical assistant almost anywhere. One could apply to the nearest hospital of choice or visit a private clinic or hospital for job openings. One could also look up the classifieds section in papers for openings or search for jobs all over the world over the internet. Recruitment websites provide job openings for medical lab assistant's world-over.

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