Camping Mattress Information

By: Paul Zayer

When we were first married, my husband and I used to camp several times a year. It was good to get away from the neighbourhood on weekends since we lived in a duplex. And because camping was so much cheaper than staying at a hotel, it fit our budget. Sleeping on the ground was the worse part about camping for me. We tried using the floating air mattresses that we used in the lake, as our camping mattress in the tent. The sleeping bags slipped off and the mattress was noisy each time you shifted even just a little. We decided we should spend some money for a good camping mattress if we were going to continue camping.

Very good camping mattress was out of our price range at that time. We ended up using a thick foam that we bought from a fabric store as our camping mattress. It was better than sleeping on the ground, but it was bulky to bring along and to store when we were not using it.

We stopped camping for several years, but we have lately started to take an interest in it again. I said to my husband that the first thing we must have is a camping mattress. We started looking at what is on the market now and realized that there are various choices for a camping mattress. There is the inflatable camping mattress that looks like being a small step higher than the floating air mattress that we had tried earlier. And there is the self inflating camping mattress. It inflates as it is rolled out.

You close the valve once it has inflated itself. To deflate, you open the valve and press down on the camping mattress. This looked simple to do and not hard to store, but it was not very thick, so we questioned the the level of comfort. We also considered another camping mattress that was inflatable with a separate pump. This special camping mattress is sold in several sizes. The inflation time was about five minutes. The pump has batteries that are rechargeable, so you could bring it to the camp site already charged and then plug it in when you go back home. This option is not too expensive for a camping mattress, but it did not come with any possible way to store it.

The camping mattress that we finally bought was a queen size mattress with a built pump in it. The camping mattress inflates in about a minute and deflates flat in even less time. The mattress and pump fit into a duffle case which is the size of a sleeping bag. This camping mattress cost more, but we may also use it as an extra bed on the situations when we have more visitors than bed space. With our new camping mattress we will be camping and sleeping in comfort.

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