Golf Draw ShotTipsHow to Execute the Draw Shot

By: Alistair Thomson

Being able to manoeuvre the golf ball and shape the golf draw shot is often classed as being an advanced technique. However with the correct set up there are only two factors which dictate how the golf ball will fly.

?The two factors are club face alignment and the swing path at impact. Having an understanding of these principles should make it easier for you to shape the golf draw shot.

The draw can be a useful shot to use especially in windy conditions. The ball tends to fly lower and when it lands it runs a lot longer on the fairway.

At set up the club face should be aimed at the target, your feet, hips and shoulders should be aligned slightly to the right of the target. Please note that consideration should be made for club selection as the ball will run further than normal with this type of shot.

The left hand grip required should be strengthened just a fraction, i.e.

by twisting the left hand clockwise. When looking down at your left hand on the club you should be able to see at least three knuckles rather than the normal two.

During the backswing concentrate on initiating a good turn. At the top the club should be pointing to the right of the target by the amount that your body was aimed and also by the amount you intend to shape your shot.

When you swing down at the ballFind Article, attack the ball from inside of the line. The club face should be aiming at the target; however the club face will look closed in relation to your stance. It is this setup that imparts the necessary side spin on the ball for this shot. ??

Because the draw shot is more of a feel type shot it is better to start practicing this shot with a six or seven iron. You will also find that by the very design of the irons it is a lot easier to draw the ball with these clubs. It is a little bit more difficult to execute with fairway woods.

Many of the world’s top players use the draw shot to give them the added control to their game. With some practice this is a handy shot to master and especially good if mastered with the driver.

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