Ski Resorts In PA - Some Choices For You

By: Alainschuster
As you will soon discover when you carry out a search for ski resorts in PA, USA there are many different ones to select from. However, what you will quickly notice that they are to be found in three different geographical areas of the State of Pennsylvania.

Many of the ski resorts in PA are situated in the eastern part of the State in the Pocono Mountains. Whilst others are to be found in the western part of the State in an area known as Alleghenies and yet more are situated in the southern part of the State close to the towns of Gettysburg and Harrisburg.

The advantage that the resorts in the Poconos have over those situated in the other areas is that they are close to the states much larger cities including New York City and Philadelphia. Whilst those towards the west are situated closer to Pittsburgh, Ohio and West Virginia. Whilst the final resorts that are located in the southern part of the state are ideally situated for those coming from Washington DC or Baltimore.

In this article we take a brief look at a number of the resorts which are proving to be popular with skiers not just living in the US but from around the globe.

Bear Creek Mountain Resort - This is situated in the south eastern part of the State of Pennsylvania and getting to it from New York City (95 miles away) and Philadelphia (65 miles) away is relatively easy. The resort offers a number of different ski slopes to suit a wide range of skiing abilities but the longest and most challenging of them all measures a total of 1.5 miles. Yet you don't need to just spend time skiing at this resort if you want you could give snowboarding or snow tubing a try as well.

Camelback - This is situated in the north eastern part of the State of Pennsylvania and in the very heart of the Pocono Mountain Range. As with Bear Creek it offers a wide range of different skiing facilities to suit all abilities and you can even attempt snow tubing and snowboarding here as well. This resort is situated some distance from both New York City (80 miles away) and Philadelphia (90 miles away).

Shawnee Mountain Ski Area - Another resort that is situated in the Pocono Mountains, but is further away from both New York City (80 miles) and Philadelphia (110 miles) compared to Camelback. It is very easy to access and is only a short distant from Interstate 80 (I-80). Again it offers a wide variety of slopes perfect for any level of skier.

When it comes to arranging a winter skiing vacation because there are so many different ski resorts in PA to choose from, you will find yourself spoilt for choice. Along with those we have already mentioned other resorts that are worth considering vacationing at in Pennsylvania include the Tanglwood Resort, the Ski Sawmill Family Resort and the Seven Springs Mountain Resort. But which one you actually choose will depend on what skiing ability you have.
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