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Game Hunting And Scents

By: Adrian Kinley

There are a number of ways to hide your scent when game hunting and some are better than others. Plenty of hunt supply shops offer masking scents. These masking scents are used to recreate one of natures outdoor smells, such as the scent of small game, or even of the forest itself.

The best method of hiding your odor though is to simply not have one. About the only thing a deer cannot smell is ...nothing! The pro will shower with unscented soap and shampoo and wouldn't dream of using aftershave, perfume or scented deoderant within a few days of going game hunting.

Wash your hunting clothes in unscented detergent well before the hunt and hang out in the fresh air the day or night before, weather permitting. Also remember to clean your weapons and equipment so they do not harbor any unnatural odors. Anything you need to carry on the hunt such as food etc. keep in an air tight sealed bag.

As well as trying to use purchased odors to hide yourself, you can also try using purchased odors to attract your prey.

Lures can be used to imitate the deer food source or that of a doe in heat for instance. They are designed to pull at the animals natural curiosity and get it just near enough for you to take that shot.

The lure will only have moderate success so you have to be on constant watch. The prey will only come so close before smelling a rat and bolting. Knowing when to take the shot when using a lure can only come with experience.

While many of the game hunting fraternity concede scents, if used properly, have their uses, it should be noted that an adult buck can detect one single particle of human odor buried within ten thousand particles of masking scent. Not suprising then that you rarely get a shot when you are smelling nice!

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