Hunting Knives: The Point Of The Hunt

By: Aj Adams
There is no one perfect hunting knife. Different knives have different features and serve different purposes. The knife that is right for you would of course depend on the point of the hunt. What are you hunting for? What are you planning on using the knife for? What are the hunting conditions going to be like. When selecting a hunting knife it is important to choose the right blade for the right purpose. A hunting knife blade is ideally 4-5 inches long and should be constructed in good quality steel that can be sharpened. When considering knife handles, remember if you are using it to gut the animal or clean its insides, the handle is likely to get sticky and covered with fluid.

You need to choose a handle that can be easily cleaned but also has a good grip. Wooden handles are good on hunting knives that will be used only externally. The Drop point blade, the Clip point blade and the Gut hook blade are the most commonly seen styles on hunting knives. The Drop point blade that is not too deep is best suited for fine punctures. Its convex back makes it excellent for skinning as it lessens the chances of accidentally puncturing the hide. The wider blade tip provides additional strength and is less likely to break when pressure is applied. The Clip point blade has a concave back, narrow tip and a fine point. These features are perfect for making small-sized punctures and for working in tight, awkward areas such as the anus when you need to gut the animal or around the head. The Gut hook blade is a hook shaped knife that is used for opening the animal’s belly and removing the internal organs without puncturing them. The biggest advantage of using a gut hook blade is the easier cleaning since none of the organs were punctured in the process.

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