Indonesia in Extreme Style

By: Tatyana Kogut.

For most travelers Republic of Indonesia is mainly associated with Bali island. However, the country has a lot to offer for those who are eager to take a rest far from trendy resorts and beach exotics. Those who love everything out of ordinary can choose an extreme tour.
Travel managers say that the number of tourists who choose adventurous trips is getting bigger and bigger. Indonesia is probably one of the best places to spend your time this way. The country includes: Greater Sunda Islands (Kalimantan, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Java and Madura), Lesser Sunda Islands, Maluku islands and the western part of the New Guinea island, formerly known as Irian Jaya. This is the real expanse for extreme travelers.
The most typical pastime is a trip to Java and Bali islands. This is in fact not an extreme tour, and it suits simple tourists who love active rest. Having arrived at Jakarta, travelers change their means of transport to Jeeps and ride along the Java island, admiring volcanoes, national parks, active geysers and wild animals.

I trip like this usually includes a tour around huge internationally renowned temples, like Buddhist Borobudur and Hindu Prambanan. In Borobudur you can observe 1500 VIII-X century bas-reliefs and sculptures whereas Prambanan offers stunningly graceful and realistic sculptures that portray gods. After a week of walks along rural roads tourists find themselves on Bali. At day, the best pastime is sunbathing and swimming whereas at night you can spent your time clubbing and partying. Such 15-day tour costs no less than $1500.
Those who value real adventures are offered other kinds of trips. For instance, you can pay $2,5-5 thousand and spent your time on Irian Jaya island living among cannibals (better not to spend too much time here) - an ancient nationality which managed to preserve its world-known traditions. Tourists live in real Papuan villages, raft along tropical rivers, participate in magical rituals and wild hunting using primitive tools. You will also get your doze of adrenalin when participating in tours called "Visiting head hunters". This is a trip to Kalimantan island, during which you will travel on Jeeps, boats and by foot along the primeval jungles surrounded with rhinoceroses, giant butterflies, orang-utans and bears. Travelers spend two weeks on getting acquainted with customs and tempers of local wild tribes, familiarizing themselves with a fabulous sultan's palace in Tenggarong, dancing at Tanamur - the country's most famous disco and doing shopping at local floating market.
Another kind of extreme tour is a trip to Sumatra island, where you can enjoy Krakatoa volcano, which erupted in 1883 - this was one of the largest cataclysms in history of human being. Travelers will also float along the Palembong canals - the Venice of the South-Eastern Asia, visit Bukittinggi, the capital of Minangkabau ethnic group. Some scientists say that it is in this city that descendants of Macedonian warriors and Amazons live. The journey is accomplished with a tour around the jungles.

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