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If you've been trying to find information about swaziland online without success, you should definately start celebrating now! The About Swaziland website is here to bring you all that you will need to know about this beautiful kingdom. While many websites out there publishing information about Swaziland are owned, hosted, and authored by non-swazi, the About Swaziland website is managed and authored by pure Swazis. We therefore guarantee you the real experience of the kingdom.

We provide you with current news on various isues affecting the kingdom of Swaziland, and all the neccesary information you may need to know about Swaziland. Whether you are a visitor currently in swaziland or planning to visit swaziland in the near future, you will find this site to be very informative. The information available on this website may also be useful to business, enterpreneurs, managers, schoolars, culture enthusiasts, and anybody out there, and the locals as well.


About Swaziland - The Kingdom Online - Information about Swaziland

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