Cyprus Holiday Apartment

By: Kev Moore

Cyprus is a beautiful Island enjoying mild weather all year round with minimum temperatures of around 18c and over 320 sunny days every single year. If that doesn't make it a great place to own a holiday apartment then how about all the other things it has going for it? English is a second language taught in all the schools and most businesses advertise in English too. They drive on the left same as the U.K. and they inherited the same legal system whilst under British rule up until 1960. In fact Cyprus has often been referred to as England with the sun. Maybe that's why so many folks are buying property in Cyprus and many are even settling there to live or retire in the sun. So if you like the idea of owning a holiday apartment in the sun a Cyprus apartment is a great way to step onto the property ladder.

The Island is in the throes of a major property boom and the prices of a Cyprus apartment continue to rise year on year. This is why many buyers of Cyprus holiday apartment or villa properties have decided to move now before they are priced out of the market. Despite this rapid increase in property values a Cyprus apartment still represents great value for money both in terms of purchase prices compared with the U.K. and investment value. In fact prices of property in Cyprus have recently risen faster than comparable investments in many other parts of Europe including Great Britain.

Many prospective Cyprus holiday apartment buyers get "fired up" whilst on vacation only to talk themselves out of buying once they get back home. This is sad because a Cyprus apartment is probably much more of a possibility for most of these people that they may believe. Cost is of course always the main factor when considering the purchase of any kind of property and a Cyprus holiday apartment is indeed no exception. But there are some possibilities worth factoring into your calculations before you dump your Cyprus holiday apartment dreams into the trash and forget them forever.

Peoples holiday habits are definitely changing from hotels and apartment complexes to the independence of renting a self contained apartment or luxury villa. More bookings are being made direct to flight brokers and private letting agents as holiday makers prefer to build their own package rather than employ a travel agent. This trend is probably a result of the huge growth of internet sites offering on line deals which holiday makers can compare at the click of the mouse. This in turn has led to a booming buy to let Cyprus holiday apartment business where owners are renting out their properties to other Cyprus holiday makers. Get the picture already? If you need to borrow on a mortgage there is a great opportunity to to recoup the repayments by renting out your Cyprus holiday apartment with a Cyprus apartment rental agent.

Another growing trend in light of the switch from package tours to direct booking is apartment refurbishment. Many Cyprus apartment complex owners faced with falling bookings have adopted the "if you can't beat them join them" philosophy by converting their empty properties into resealable luxury apartments. For the prospective Cyprus holiday apartment buyer these refurbished properties make great sense especially if they are planing to rent them out for even some of the time. In many ways they make perfect holiday lets not least because they come complete with every facility including the existing pool complex and a central receptiom area. The best news is that they are often very reasonably priced too all of which makes them the perfect Cyprus holiday apartment.

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