Where Am I in Cyprus? Finding your Way Around the Island

By: Kev Moore

The great thing about Cyprus is that its an Island so getting lost (unless you really try) should be quite hard. However it may be useful to get to know a little about the place before you actually arrive there. That way you could get a great deal more out of your holiday and maybe learn a little too. Although Cyprus is an Island it is a divided country since the Turkish invasion in 1974 when the Turks moved into the North of the country claiming it as their own. Unfortunately for those that had to leave in somewhat of a hurry they are still there and no amount of persuasion has encouraged them to go away. Whilst there is now freedom of movement into the North tourist should check that they have adequate insurance cover if they intend to travel by car. The boarder stretches from Famagusta in the east to just above the resort of Polis in the West. Some where in the middle is the capital of Cyprus Nicosia which remains the last dived city in the world.

The Islands two main airports are situated at Larnaca and Paphos. Traveling East from Larnaca are the resorts of Agia Napa, Protaras, Pernera and Kapparis which nestles right up against the most Easterly point of the border with Famagusta. Close to Kapparis is the thriving town of Paralimni which until a few decades ago was nothing more than a village. Paphos airport is close to the town of Paphos itself just a few kilometers from Polis which is the closest resort to the border on the West coast. Back the other way traveling South towards Larnaca is the pretty resort of Pissouri followed by the sprawling town and resort of Limassol which is the Islands major port. Turning North near Limassol brings you to the Islands capital city Nicosia which itself borders with the occupied North.

Getting around Cyprus is real easy thanks to the modern motorway network that connects with all the main towns and resorts. The road signs are in both English and Greek a throwback to the long English occupation of the Island which is why they also drive on the left too. Driving Westerly from the capital Nicosia will bring you to the Troodas mountain range one of the most beautiful areas of Southern Cyprus. Most of this area of outstanding natural beauty comes within a conservation zone and there is a great visitor center in Troodas itself. The area is populated by dozens of traditional Cypriot villages the roads are a bit twisty but they are modern and very well maintained with plenty of safety barriers so driving up there is no problem.

The interior is also made up of lots of small towns and village with names like Xylotmvou that don't roll of the western tongue all that easily. Even the roads inland are quite good but some of the back roads should be negotiated with care due to the odd pot hole or two. There is no doubt that the best way to get around Cyprus is by car and hire vehicles are quite reasonably priced too. You could even collect and drop off your Cyprus rental car at the airport hence saving money on your airport transfers too.There are buses in Cyprus but they only tend to operate between local resorts and towns. Taxis are O.K. but if you are planning to see some of the places of interest on the Island and don't want to be restricted to coach tours a hire car is your best bet.

The author has been visiting Cyprus since 1998 and now spends half the year on the Island but there are still hundreds of places of interest yet to be visited. Maybe that's why the island continues to draw tourist back year after year. With some beautiful beaches, historic monuments and many pretty villages the chances are you will always be learning something new about Cyprus. Steeped in a rich cultural history dating all the way back to the Neolithic period and historical connections with early Christianity makes Cyprus a truly fascinating place to visit. Now at least you have a rough idea of the lay of the land so to speak and so you should be able to answer the question, where am I in Cyprus?

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