Italy as a Center of Tourism

By: Andrew

Traveling around the world one can visit a lot of beautiful places, for example, Rome, Milan, and Naples. All of them are very popular and outstanding, but still Rome deserves much attention. It is the most wonderful part of Italy. This city is unique to some extant, as it has small country within the city- Vatican, with the head of the Pope. One more reason of Rome being a wonderful city is a great number of parks and lakes. Moreover, Rome is famous for its theatre, Opera Houses and Galleries, where one can see a lot of masterpieces, like works of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. Another beautiful place is the Sistine Chapel with its amazing art on the ceiling.

One more interesting city which is worth seeing is Naples. It is famous for its beautiful scenery and great number of medieval castles. Everybody, who visits Naples, always admires its beauty, its ocean with wonderful natural landscapes and Art galleries, for example Castel Sant'Elmo. Besides, in the city there are some gothic cathedrals, which can amaze with their beauty. The city possesses its many fashion industries.
Milan is the exact city for those who like skiing and spending lazy days. From the Alps, one can see beautiful landscape and site of the whole city. The most wonderful time to travel through Italy is spring, as one can enjoy calm and practically desert beaches and beautiful spring landscapes.
The night life of Italy is also very attractive. There are a lot of good restaurants, which is always ready to propose its guests only the best menu. For those who like dancing, there are a lot night clubs and discos. For the tourists who want to have action-packed night out of the towns, there are parties basically on every street, dance halls and a lot of other attractions. So, Italy is wonderful country for tourism and for spending time in the best way.

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