Larnaca Property and Golf in Cyprus

By: Kev Moore

Wherever there's golf and sun there is also money in property. Perhaps that's why Larnaca in Cyprus is causing a stir amongst property speculators and holiday home investors alike. A new golf resort in the Larnaca area of Cyprus has been extensively talked about over the last few years. These ambitious proposals also include the building of a new super marina suitable for luxury yachts and a whole host of associated development. As the countries economy continues to grow investors are enjoying a new confidence in Cyprus with some grand projects already under their belts. The Islands capital Nicosia continues to develop at a rapid pace and the recent building of it's first shopping mall including the Ikea store bears testament to investor confidence in the Island. In fact the climate now appears ideal for further bold investment.

The influx of foreign money generated by the Cyprus property boom has been a major contributing factor to this optimistic view for sure. However this new wealth has created a large amount of disposable income and those that have it are looking for places to spend it.This has created the demand for European shopping centers like the Cyprus mall and improved leisure facilities such as golf. Some observers are predicting the building of more shopping centers in the principle towns and further investment in golf property. Larnaca therefore would look set as the ideal location for both. It's close proximity to the Islands principle airport coupled with ease of access to the rest of Cyprus strengthens this argument even further.

Larnaca property is not the most expensive in Cyprus right now but of course all that could change very quickly. Once golf arrives in an area prices tend to increase rather quickly and tardy investors often find themselves left behind. The trick is to pre empt the market and buy property before any plans for leisure complexes or major infrastructure changes are rubber stamped by the planing authorities. This is of course a highly risky business but that's why so much profit is made from such speculation by savvy investors. Even those looking to buy a holiday home for themselves could edge their investment bets by purchasing in Larnaca as apposed to other parts of Cyprus. The resort area of the town is after all a beautiful location for that dream home in the sun.

Anyone who has visited Cyprus a few times in recent years can see just how fast the Island is developing not just in terms of residential building work either. Many of the larger chain stores are opening outlets and foreign investment continues to pour in. The new generation of Cypriots have seen what the rest of Europe enjoys and they want a piece of it for themselves. The battered pick up trucks are giving way to the likes of Mercedes and BMW whilst the marinas are filling up with luxury power boats. There is new money in Cyprus which in turn is attracting plenty more of the same. Larnaca and other resorts in Cyprus could be perched on the crest of a second much larger investment wave.

No one can accurately predict how the economy will perform in the future but leisure and property have always yielded long term sustainable growth. Larnaca could soon be at the center of one of the most lucrative phases of the Islands recent history with the heady mix of golf, sun and holiday property. So if you are looking for that dream home in the Cyprus sun it may be that Larnaca property is just what you are looking for. The other positive factor of the golf equation is that it could turn a summer only holiday resort into an all year golfing centre. This would likely have the knock on effect of putting the town on the map as the East coast's all year resort just as golf did in the paphos area. Maybe it's time to consider making your investment in Cyprus Larnaca property.

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