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By: Aoureliou Televko

I saw a lonely planet Egypt show the other day, and ever since I have wanted to travel to Egypt. I guess I have been fascinated with Egypt for a long time, but my fascination has died down recently. I first got interested in Egypt in middle school. We did a unit on Egyptology, and I did a report on the pharaohs. Back then, Traveling to Egypt sounded great to me. Of course, my grasp on what Egypt was like was a little bit loose. I Was old enough to understand that Egypt was not the land of the pharaohs anymore, and yet that was how I pictured it. I knew that any travel to Egypt would be a great disappointment because that world didn't exist anymore. Modern Egypt would be much different.

Nonetheless, a lot of people who travel to Egypt go there for precisely the same reasons I was fascinated with it - to see that ancient world. According to the lonely planet travel to Egypt show, archeology was one of the main reasons cited by as tourists for their travels. Almost everyone who traveled to Egypt was interested in seeing the tombs of the pharaohs, the pyramids, and most of all the Sphinx. Although there are other reasons to travel to Egypt, most people aren't aware of them.

Fortunately, the best time to travel to Egypt is coming up soon. Because it is so hot, you want to travel there during the winter if possible. Otherwise, you are in for a rude awakening. The sun is constantly beating down, and although the heat is dry, it is plentiful. If you travel to Egypt in that heat, you have no one else to blame but yourself for your misery.

I have a friend who Is an experienced Egyptian traveler. He told me that if you travel to Egypt, you had better do it with a friend. You see, if you don't know your way around, it is easy to get ripped off. Everyone from taxi drivers to restaurant owners to tour guides wants a piece of the tourist pie. If you don't know what you're getting into, you can get taken advantage of at every turn. If, on the other hand, you know how to travel in Egypt, things will go a lot better for you. You will find the right tour guides who can take you to the most exciting spots, and you will save some money besides.

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