Most Beautiful Places in Australia

By: Jonathan Williams

Australia is a haven for those people looking for something different in their travels. Not only that, Australia also offers much in natural wonders, local cuisine and culture,

10 Most Beautiful Places in Australia You must visit

  • 1) Sydney
    Sydney offers much in the way of cultural tourist attractions and much more. Here you can go to the Famous Opera House and be amazed at the collection of marine animals at the marine aquarium at Darling Harbor. You can also take in the city view from Sydney tower and more.
  • 2) The Pinnacles
    The Pinnacles in Nambung National Park is more or less two hundred and fifty miles north of Perth. It is also a must see because of the awesome limestone columns of towering weathered rocks. These rocks were shaped into weird sculptures by the winds and sands.
  • 3) Jenolan Caves
    The Jenolan Caves are a must see for adventurous tourists. It was discovered by a convict bushranger in 1838 and has since then served as one of the most famous tourist attractions in Australia. These subterranean caves numbering more than 300 are all interconnected and filled with weird and wonderful rock formations. Here tour guides will be at your side as you walk around the lighted caves.
  • 4) Great Ocean Road
    The Great Ocean road is a three hour drive from Melbourne city.

    Here you will see the rock formations that locals call the twelve apostles. These rock formations are giant monoliths of rock created by the erosion of rock by winds and sands. There are only 8 out of the original twelve left standing however.
  • 5) Ayers Rocks
    Ayers Rocks is the biggest rock monolith in the whole world. In fact, it is considered sacred by the aborigines in this place. Moreover, close to this place is Alice Springs which is the jump point to this destination and the other rock formations named Olga/Kata Tjuta that is composed of 36 dome-like rock formations.
  • 6) Tasmania
    It is well-known historically as a prison where British convicts were sent. It became even more popular because of its spectacular variety of natural wonders, flora and fauna. Tasmania is a favorite destination for those wanting to see its pristine beaches, beautiful lagoons and mountains.
  • 7) Wallaman Falls
    Wallaman Falls is located in Girringun National Park. It is the part of Stony Creek, one of the tributaries of the river Herbert, where it plunges down more than 250 meters down a sheer walled gorge. This falls is actually included in the UN's world heritage site registry.
  • 8) Magnetic Island
    Magnetic Island is one of the national parks of Australia because it is home to colonies of kangaroos and koalas. It is also located near the town of Townsville famous for its great beaches. This island was actually named by Captain Cook because it was said that his compass has gone funny when he passed by it.
  • 9) Whitsundays
    Whitsundays is one of the places in Australia with great night life. Here you can have great evenings eating at the restaurants and having fun in the local bars. Also, Whitsundays is known as a great jump point to the Great Barrier Reef and the beautiful island resorts.
  • 10) Gold Coast
    The Gold coast is a great getaway for surf and beach lovers. Here you can spend days at the beaches. You can also spend it perhaps in the theme parks and national parks with its great waterfalls and natural beauty and nights in the local restaurants in the local bars.

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