Sydneys World Famous Beach

By: Douglas Scott

Bondi Beach is one of Australias most famous beaches and among the worlds most well known beaches. The beach is roughly a kilometre long and is patrolled by lifesavers who make swimmers stay between the yellow and red flags.

Bondi Beach is located on the east coast of Australia and is a suburb of the city of Sydney.

Bondi has become synonymous with Sydneys beach lifestyle, busloads of Japanese tourists, for example, frequently travel to Bondi direct from the airport, just so they can feel the warm yellow sand between their toes.

It has become a favourite of the so called barmy army or better known as the British tourists, who annually gather on its sands for a Southern Hemisphere Christmas in the sun.

Due to the worldwide popularity, Bondi is now home to numerous youth hostels with backpackers who congregate mainly in the summer months so it is not uncommon to hear Norwegian, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish or Spanish while walking across the beach or through the cafes.

Bondi Beach has a vaguely alternative feel, despite the obvious commercialism present, and attracts a large number of individualist, for example, for the guy who will strip off near the shops, to walk stark naked through the traffic on Campbell Parade, before going down to the beach.

It is very tolerant as topless sunbathing is common and gay and lesbian couples displaying affection is common.

The two biggest bars in Bondi are the Beach Road Hotel and Bondi Hotel. Both are excellent places to catch the finals in a cricket match or have a few drinks with your mates. Another great bar is at the previously mentioned Bondi Icebergs, it has a great view of the beach and relatively cheap drinks.

Make sure to take some form of ID that proves you live outside a 5km radius as this is a club and the rule require that you be a member if you are inside 5km. Of course, if you want to be seen then go for Ravesis on the corner of Hall St and Campbell parade.

It attracts the so called beautiful people, or at least those who think they are beautiful. The locals will tend to go for BBs. Relocated from its cramped spot on Curlewis St, BBs is hidden down an alley next to the Mambo surf shop on Campbell Parade. Live music, surf videos and a more relaxed vibe than the goldfish bowl up the road.

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