Opportunities For High School Graduates

By: tjacowski
In the post World War II period, taking up a job was the obvious choice because of opportunities in several flourishing industries and their requirement for young graduates. However, due to technological advances and high paced work styles, the current job market has altered considerably. Excessive competition, high salary expectations and geographical constraints are some of the factors that have contributed to the difficulty in finding jobs, especially those that would suit a high school graduate. New age employers and industries look for candidates for specialized jobs, which makes it almost compulsory for all graduates to have a professional degree or a specialized diploma.


This situation can be particularly difficult for those who require financial assistance in continuing college education, which requires 3 to 4 years for completion. As a result, high school graduates are increasingly taking up low-end, monotonous jobs of lesser importance, challenge and value. These have little potential in offering a lucrative and rewarding career. The recent tendency of employers seeking professionals who already posses pre-developed skills and talents instead of hiring fresh high school graduates who need training, has further worsened this scenario. Moreover, be it from the point of view of salary increases or promotions, or simply a foundation for taking up post graduation courses, college graduates always enjoy an extra edge over high school graduates.

New Age Syllabus

Nevertheless, there are some schools that work towards helping their students in choosing a suitable career path and succeed in post high school career opportunities. These schools work in alliance with organizations that identify the common skills of students and place them on the right path. Such programs allow the students and teachers to work together while combining studies with technical instructions and vocational training. Some of the major streams that students may choose from include industrial and engineering services, arts and communications, information technology, business and management, environmental and agricultural systems, health services and human resources. These programs are usually a certificate course and allow the students to directly enter the work field after completing their graduation from a high school. An example of an academic institution that has implemented such programs successfully for high school graduates is Cleveland Schools. It helps students obtain a potential career path based on their individual skills and interest areas as soon as they enter the ninth grade.

Employment Prospects

Apart from this, a number of employment opportunities for students of all levels including high school, graduates and undergraduates can be found on the Internet with a list of the work location and job profile. Both full and part time sessions are available, depending on the school hours and vacation periods. The salary ranges are also displayed, which may vary according to the job type. The eligibility criterion for applying to these jobs may require the students to be enrolled as a degree-seeking student in an accredited high school or vocational/technical school. Federal, state or local laws and standards that govern the employment of minors are applied for participation in these employment programs.
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