The Joys of Driving in Cyprus

By: Kev Moore

If you are taking your holidays on the beautiful Mediterranean Island of Cyprus in the near future perhaps you should consider a Cyprus car rental. Driving in Cyprus is the best way to get around and it won't cost you a fortune either with fuel about a third cheaper than in the U.K. There are buses in Cyprus too but unless you want to travel from one resort to another or between the main towns they won't be an option. The best way to get around in Cyprus is by car whether you are taking a few weeks holiday or spending a few months in your own Cyprus villa. The good news is that driving in Cyprus is much the same as in the U.K but without all the traffic hassles or road rage to contend with. If you aren't convinced yet that driving is a great way to see more of this beautiful Island paradise just read on.

First off, the Cypriots drive on the left just like in the U.K. so you won't need to worry about going up the wrong side of the road or meeting someone coming the opposite way at a roundabout. Driving in Cyprus also means that the steering wheel is where it belongs too, in front of the driver not over in front of the the passenger seat! The road signs are all in English too which is real helpful if you need to actually find your way around the Island. That's the other good news, Cyprus of course is an Island so unless you work real hard at it you shouldn't be able to get yourself lost. At worst however you could end up on the Turkish side which is not advisable if you are driving in Cyprus using a hire car. Most Cyprus car rental companies forbid the use of their cars on the North of the Island and you would be uninsured anyway.

The Island has a modern motorway network linking all the major coastal resorts and main towns including the capital Nicosia which is incidentally the last divided city in the world. The main highways into all the larger towns or holiday resorts are dual carriageways and even the minor roads are pretty well maintained too. Caution should be exercised on some of the minor coastal backroads and outlying village routes which can be a little more trickey. In fact in places it is hard to discern where the carriageway ends and the footpath starts especially with the disruption that building work can cause. On the whole however the roads are as good if not better than many of those in the U.K so driving in Cyprus should be a breeze.

It's probably worth giving a little consideration to the ideal car you should hire too for your stay on the Island. This may seem like a trivial matter but by thinking ahead you could save yourself a great deal of inconvenience and maybe even a little discomfort. Cyprus is hot! Obvious point I hear you say but do you realize just how hot it can be in the height of summer? Try imagining anything up to and above 40c in the shade. Now imagine you, the wife and a couple of irritable offspring in a car without any air conditioning. It isn't a pretty picture but you may be surprised at how many people forget to specify air con when booking the car they will be driving in Cyprus. Always check and double check that the car you are getting will be fitted with either air conditioning or climate control.

Those little jeeps look real cute too especially with the hood down and the warm Mediterranean air breezing through as you cruise up the coastal highway. Whilst you're cruising up and down the strip you may want to keep your eyes peeled for a skin clinic too because you may need one. Imagine that scourching sun belting down on your unprotected bodies for a few hours in the middle of the day. Again these type of vehicles are great but you may want to choose one with air con giving you the option of cooling off with the hood up during the day. The same story goes for those flash cabriolets as well that look so cool with the roof down but maybe not such a great idea during the heat of the day. Whatever you decide remember a little planning goes a real long way especially when driving in Cyprus.

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