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Popular Tourist Spots in Singapore

By: Byon Ong

Sentosa Island - Singapore's Island Resort, where you can find beautiful beaches and stunning ladies in bikinis. Previously a military installation, the island has been converted into a giant theme park now.

The Zoo and Night Safari - Thoughtfully created to simulate the natural habitats of its resident animals, the Singapore Zoological Gardens is one of the main attraction spots in Singapore. It is a model of the `open zoo' concept, where animals are kept in spacious, landscaped enclosures. The zoo includes a Night Safari - 1st of its kind in the world (not to be missed)! Here, you may enjoy a unique experience of exploring wildlife in a tropical jungle at night.

Jurong Bird Park - With a largest collection of South East Asia Birds, the Jurong Bird Park is the largest in the Asia Pacific and one of the finest bird parks in the world. With the tallest man-made waterfall and a largest walk-in aviary, the park offers a unique experience as you enjoy a close-up view of free-flying birds from Africa and South America.

Singapore Science Centre - With over 850 interactive display depicting the beauty of science, the Singapore Science Centre is a fun and education hub for all budding young scientists and aspiring ones. You may also find a  five-storey high, 23 metre diameter hemispheric giant screen Omni-Theatre, providing you an immersive, premium cinematic experience.

Above are some of the most popular tourist spots in Singapore, The list is definitely not exhausted and there are many other places you can visit while in Singapore - Botanic Garden, Singapore Discovery Centre, Crocodile farmFind Article, Singapore chinese and Japanese garden etc. We hope the information provided is useful and you can have a memorable stay in Singapore.

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