Liveaboard Diving Komodo - Indonesia

By: Sveinung

During this very lucky trip, coming through the Komodo Channel, four DUGONGS surfaced next to the boat!! These gentle animals showed no fear, just slowly swam north. A wonderful sight, and a first for most of us on the boat. We were also greeted by lots of Bottlenose Dolphins and a pod of Pilot Whales. As I said, a lucky trip, and I haven't even started with the underwater stuff yet...

Both Crystal Rock and Takat Toko were at their best, with several Dolphins (this time UNDER water, mind you...), lots of sharks and walls of fish. Stunning!

As if it wasn't hard enough to find a Pygmy Seahorse, there are a few minuscule Denise Pygmies around at Satonda Island. They're only as big as the tip of a toothpick, and extremely well camouflaged. I filmed "one" of these little fellows, only to realize later, when we watched the day's footage on the big TV, that there were actually TWO of them, head-to-head. Very cute!

Critter-loving guests got a mouthful at Pink Beach and Cannibal Rock. Nudibranchs everywhere, many Frogfish, Mushroom Coral Pipefish and an Indian Walkman. Just to mention a few.

Best nightdive this trip was at Torpedo Alley, with the highlight beeing a super-rare Bobbit Worm.

Last day we dived at Moyo Island, with Pelagic Triggerfish, loads of Longfin Bannerfish, a Turtle, Mantis Shrimps and two BIG Banded Seasnakes.

A wonderful trip, with good conditions through-out. Can hardly wait to go back out!

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