Quick Facts on Prosser, Washington

By: Joelane

Prosser is well-known for constantly growing local wineries and for the tourists that they attract.

Prosser is located in the far west of the Benson County and just 35 miles from Burbank, Pasco and Kennewick, which is also known as the Tri-cities, and 50 miles from the city of Yakima. Less than 5,000 people make up the population of Prosser. The economy in the area centers around wine grapes, processing plants, agriculture, apples, concord, hops,wheat, asparagus, cherries and corn.

Prosser's scenic area runs along the north near Rattlesnake Hills and along the south near Horse Heaven Hills. The Yakima River runs through the city. Expect 300 days of sun a year in Prosser, and because of this outdoor activities like golf, hunting, boating, fishing, hiking and camping are opened.

The citizens of Prosser are offered a life where people have access to medical care, shopping and many other amenities. Also located in Prosser are a public library, Activities Center, 17 churches, athletic club,5 parks, a museum and a club. The local schools in the area are well-known for their reputation for providing students with foundation learning and vocational training. The high school in Prosser offers the students, and students thinking of studying there, a successful, competitive program highlighting clubs, sports and drama.

The retail market in Prosser includes an amount of restaurants, shops,galleries and wineries that are ever-growing.

This can be a great place if you enjoy the views of mountains or just that earthy smell when out in the open. Enjoying a good wine while living the true meaning of peace is a place called Prosser. You will feel at home walking into Prosser, and indeed you will find Prosser, the people that live there and the surroundings a great place to call home or just a getaway.

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