You Gotta Be Kidding! A New Job in 14 Days?

By: pmegan
I know what you're thinking. A new job in 14 days? No way! That's got to be a hoax!

Of course, you could be right . . . if you think about finding a job the old-fashioned way. You know . . . update your resume, get it on some jobsites like Monster and Hotjobs, and distribute it as widely as possible. Then wait for the phone to ring.

That used to work. Decades ago. Today's sophisticated job market is different. For example, employer expectations are different (especially since 9/11 and Katrina). And relying on your resume or your work history to get you a job just doesn't cut it anymore.

Like I said, employer expectations are different these days. For example, they expect you to come to the table with some evidence that you've taken the time to learn about the organization, its goals and its needs. What's more, an employer wants to feel confident that you're in sync with his/her personal goals.

Your next boss wants to be able to perceive you as someone who fits into the team. And that's independent of what you used to do for someone else as indicated on your resume. In fact, your next boss has to like you. Now, you may think that's unfair (especially if you have a powerful resume) and way too subjective. But, put yourself in his/her shoes. Would you want someone working side-by-side with you if you didn't like the person?

So, what does all this mean in terms of landing a good job in as little as 14 days?

Well, if you understand that your success in today's job market isn't contingent upon the strength of your resume, but rather on the strength of your ability to establish rapport and chemistry with your next boss . . . that changes everything!

It means you refocus your efforts on two important goals:

1. Identifying organizations that are compatible with you career goals and targeting the specific decision-maker who could be your next boss.

2. Establishing personal contacts from among friends, neighbors, social and business contacts, community and religious leaders, etc. who could assist you in identifying these decision-makers and perhaps even introduce you to them.

Over the years we've assisted thousands worldwide position themselves for good job opportunities in a matter of days by redirecting their job campaign toward finding ways to get themselves in front of qualified decision-makers. In fact, we call it The World's Fastest Alternative Job Search System! Check it out. You'll be amazed how quickly your job search goes when you do it the right way.
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