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Touring Prague and Budapest

By: Keith Barrett

Budapest took a little longer to appear on the tourist radar, but the Hungarian capital is now established as a firm favourite.

Touring itineraries of the two cities do vary. Some operators run a coach service direct from the UK, while others will fly you out to Prague or Budapest from the UK and then allow you to join the escorted coach tour when you land.

Both cities have plenty to offer the visitor. Prague attracts more tourists each year and has an array of splendid buildings. The life of the city is centred upon the stunning Charles Bridge, which crosses the River Vltava.

The Charles Bridge is packed in the peak summer months, with tourists and locals enjoying a stroll across the bridge, with its views up to Prague Castle and the cathedral.

The bridge itself has a number of resident artists and musicians, giving it a characteristic feel. The city centre includes numerous restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy a good meal but, when you have some free time, try and make your way out of the city centre. You'll find that much of the city has plenty to offer.

Budapest, like Prague, has a river as its focal point. The Danube splits the city in two and is over-looked by one of the city's most striking buildings, the home of the Hungarian Parliament.

The Hungarian Parliament building was modelled on the Houses of Parliament in London. You can go on a guided tour of the inside of the building, which is part of the itinerary for many touring holidays.

Prague and Budapest are two unique cities - being able to visit both within a single holiday is a real treat.

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