Cyprus: The new Ibiza?

By: Keith Barrett

Where it once seemed to be the case that young people looking for holiday fun would turn their attentions to Ibiza and the Spanish Costa Blanca, there is no doubt that the focus of attention has gradually been switching to Cyprus.

In particular, tourists are looking at Ayia Napa as the new party capital of Europe. Though Ayia Napa boasts some of the best beaches in Cyprus and a wonderful climate, most young people visiting the resort seem to have more interest in the nightlife that the resort has to offer.

The resort has some extremely popular nightclubs, as well as a plethora of bars and restaurants.

In keeping with many such locations, it seems that visitors to Ayia Napa are interested in having a good time, making the most of their temporary home in the sun.

Ayia Napa would not be described as a place where you would expect to experience the 'real' Cyprus - food, drink and entertainment here are all aimed at a continental European audience.

It's undoubtedly the case that the thriving club scene has been attracting more and more visitors each year, hence the suggestion that Cyprus is the new Ibiza.

Looking at the island as a whole, it's clear that Cyprus has something to offer all visitors. For those looking for a thriving nightlife scene, Ayia Napa is certainly the destination of choice.

If you are planning a family holiday to Cyprus then don't be put off by the reputation of Ayia Napa - there are numerous other towns and resorts that are perfect for a more sedate style of holiday.

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