Holiday in Menorca - the Balearic Island

By: Luki Johnson

One of the three major Balearic Islands, Menorca is a Spanish island situated in the Mediterranean Sea. This second largest Balearic Island is worth making a holiday destination, if you wish to have a good leisure time with all the beaches, history and amazing views to cherish.

Menorca is a great deal with so many tourist spots to enjoy and with so much to do or see.

Also a gigantic natural harbor, this capital city of this Balearic Island is idle holiday destination with great display of tastiest cuisines, restaurants and shops for every need. The array of easting places, coffee shops and other shops are all situated on the sea front or waterfront adding to the beauty of the place. Tourists and visitors are often found taking a walk on the harbor with boats, ships and ferries passing in and out.

Xoriguer Distillery

This 18th century Distillery is sited at the Mahon harbor and is known for its production of famous Xorguer gin. When holidaying in Menorca you can always take a tour of this distillery and see how the gin is prepared. What more? Tourist and visitors can also taste a sample of this pleasing gin and buy it from the on site store or shop.


Holidaying in Menorca can be fascinating with its historical background, beautifully captured at the various museums present on this Balearic Island.

Some of these are Museu de Menorca, Museu de la Natura de Menorca and Museu Municipal de Ciutadella. Each of these attractions has stunning artifacts and cultural remains. If you are someone with even a slight interest in history, then taking a trip to these historically rich museums can be a good way to spend a holiday in Menorca.

Es Freginal Park

This popular tourist attraction is situated in the capital city of this Balearic Island and is a best way to unwind and relax during a holiday in Menorca.


Holiday in Menorca can be fun for sports lovers too, as the island has well maintained go-karting club for all the thrills.

Monte Toro

This tourist attraction of Menorca stands high and in the heart of the island. When holidaying in Menorca tourists and visitors often drive to the top of this peak, for those breathtaking views.

Los Delfines Aquapark

This 12,500 square metre tourist attraction is situated at the outskirts of Ciutadella and is perfect place for a family enjoyment. When holidaying in Menorca with kids, visiting Los Delfines can be great way of having that fun time.

Shopping in Menorca in Spain

While this Balearic island may not be the perfect shopping paradise, it still has lots of bazaar for those amazing souvenirs to take back home. Mahon harbor has many such shops along the harbor front. Mao town of Menorca presents a Saturday bazaar with lots of stalls or shops that offer range of goods like art and craft, clothing and many other Menorca specialties.

Best time to visit or holiday in Menorca

This Balearic Island hosts Mediterranean climate which is mild winters and hot summers. The average temperature in summers is 24 degree Celsius making it a shiny time for many tourist and visitors, this also the best time to visit Menorca. Whereas the winters can go to 16 degree Celsius, often not many tourist or visitors are found hanging around in this time of year in Menorca.

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