Alternative Job Hunting Strategy

By: pmegan
If you've been in the job market recently, you already know it's tough. Not because there aren't excellent job opportunities out there. But because employers' expectations are so much more demanding.

Employers want you to come in prepared to demonstrate that you've done your homework. They expect you've taken the time to learn about their organization and its goals. They also require that you show very specifically how you can make a contribution to the company's bottom line.

If you understand the purpose and value of this information from the employer's point of view, then you'll also appreciate discovering the huge advantage you have when you do your homework and you come to a face-to-face meeting or interview armed with critical insider information.

You are ready to implement one of the most powerful and exciting alternative job search strategies around. It's called "job creation!"

That's right! You can actually create a job for yourself on the spot. Here's what to do (after you've done your homework):

1. List in writing the specific areas within the company where you bring something unique to the table. This is not a review of your work history. Indicate the specific areas within the organization where your proposal would apply.

2. Send an email or letter to the decision-maker who would have an active interest in the kind of proposal you wish to present. Do NOT ask for a job. Rather, briefly outline the specifics you bring for solving a certain problem, or contributing to growth, or opening up new doors for the company, etc. Then ask to meet for a discussion of your ideas or proposal. Indicate you'd like to call shortly to set up such a meeting.

3. Prepare a "Bio-Action" resume specifically designed to back up your proposal.

4. Do NOT go in for an interview, but rather to discuss your proposal to see if there's any interest. What's exciting about this approach is that neither you nor the employer is under any pressure to make a job decision. An opportunity can emerge if you are good at showing the value you bring to the table. Once again this takes preparation--doing your homework.

When you approach a carefully targeted organization and the specific decision-maker who could have a genuine interest in you, you've dramatically moved the odds in favor of a discovering a hidden opportunity for yourself. And you've eliminated all the competition!
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