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My Love of Beach Vacations

By: Morgan Hamilton

The most memorable beach vacation that I ever had was the one I had during my honeymoon in Bermuda. The beaches there are really world class. Bermuda beaches have white sand and sparkling clear water, just the same as it looks on those postcards. Another memorable beach vacation was the one I had on the Florida Keys. The Florida Keys are famous for bingo and beaches, and since I can't stand bingo I spent most of my vacation enjoying the beach.

A dream beach destination that I want to travel to on my next beach vacation would be Jamaica. I heard that they also have great beaches there and it has places that are exclusive for couples. I do love spending time with my children but they can really be distracting during vacations and there are some things you cant do when youre with them.

I would really appreciate spending some time with my husband on some romantic getaway. Returning to Bermuda would also be great and spending winter in Australia would be wonderful. Since seasons in Australia work differently than the ones we have here in the USBusiness Management Articles, it would e summer there during the winter season.

Spending a winter beach vacation in an exotic resort somewhere in Australia would truly be a terrific experience. You might think that Im a bit weird to love beach vacations as much as I do. But this is just me; every time I spend a vacation in the beach it only increases my love for the beach all the more.

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