Face the Facts! . . . Fabulous Resume or Great Job Offer?

By: pmegan
You may have a critical choice to make.

Is your job campaign focused on your resume and getting it distributed? Or is it focused on getting a job offer? There's a big difference.

We've been brought up to think that you get a job by beating out the competition with a fabulous resume and getting it distributed to a wider audience better than anyone else. We've been told that you have to correctly jump through all the interview hoops and not make any serious mistakes when talking to a decision-maker.

What we've been told is WRONG! At least if our goal is to get a good job offer.

First of all, no one is going to hire you on the basis of your resume . . . I don't care how fabulous it is. Any employer worth his/her salt will decide about you only after meeting you face-to-face. And even that isn't contingent upon how well you answer all his/her questions.

You see, there are only two things an employer is looking for in you. He/she wants to see if you productively fit into the team. And if you can make his/her job easier. If you pass that critical test, then you'll be hired ultimately because the hiring decision-maker likes you. There's a personal connection, often unspoken.

Now those are the facts based on years of examining, not how a resume is written, but how a hiring decision is made. What all of this means is that if you're serious about getting a job offer, then you need to start at the other end of the spectrum in making your job search decisions.

In other words, you want to understand what it is you have to do to meet face-to-face with a decision-maker as quickly as possible where you'll have the opportunity to demonstrate how you can make a difference in their organization going forward.

This means you have to make a whole other range of strategic decisions that go way beyond your resume
. . . and, indeed, go way beyond traditional notions of interviewing.

Fortunately, there's a proven system that can help you do that quickly and effectively. Check out "The World's Fastest Alternative Job Search System!" It's the innovative 21st Century approach to the real job market that focuses on getting a high-paying job offer rather than all the old-fashioned traditional methods we learned about . . . resumes, mass distribution, job sites, job openings, agencies and recruiters. And wind up spending weeks and months looking.

In fact, when you follow this inventive non-traditional approach, you'll be meeting in person with your next boss in a matter of days. And you could be entertaining a great job offer in as little as two weeks!
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