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Frequent Flyer Programmes on Budget Airlines

By: Keith Barrett

Traditional airlines, such as British Airways, have operated such schemes for some time. They've proved popular with customers, mainly because many of us like to think that we are getting something for nothing. They've also been advantageous to the airlines, as they've encouraged loyalty, ensuring that customers have looked to use the same airline on multiple occasions.

Budget airlines have been slow to react with schemes of their own. Some industry analysts have suggested that their reticence has been due to their low prices, lower profit margins and lack of competition on some of their routes.

It was, however, only a matter of time before some of the larger budget airlines looked to introduce a frequent flyer programme. The promise of greater market share and a loyal customer base was just too good a chance to miss.

Flybee, a leading UK regional operator, have now taken the plunge and introduced a programme that they are calling Rewards For All. The scheme will be in use on their flights to more than 40 UK and European destinations.

Passengers using Flybee for a standard return flight will receive 2 points per booking. Those making use of the Flybee Economy Plus service will receive 4 points for a return trip.

Once a customer reaches 16 points, they can trade those points in and receive a free return flight. That means that you could potentially be receiving a free return flight after only 4 bookings - an enticing offer.

For those who reach 20 frequent flyer pointsPsychology Articles, there will be the opportunity to exchange them for a year's pass to the airlines VIP lounge service.

Such innovation in the budget airline industry is undoubtedly to be welcomed. The airline's rivals look sure to follow suit.

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