6 Cheeky Ways To Get An Upgrade On Your Air Ticket

By: Neil Stelling

How to Get Free Upgrade to Business Class
Big company employees usually book through their company travel manager. Here are some tips you can use to upgrade your airline ticket or get a better hotel.

  • Medical
    Medical grounds provide good excuses for upgrade. Did you hear the expression 'economy class syndrome'? It refers to deep-vein thrombosis. This, undoubtedly unpleasant and dangerous condition, produces the biggest increase in business class upgrade requests. Many people actually hand over a medical certificate to support their claim… know any doctor friends ?
  • Schedule
    A good trick manipulates Schedules. This works well for people collecting air miles. Simply arrange your meeting so you can only get there using your preferred flight.
  • Late Booking
    Book late, hoping economy sells-out early, and only business class seats remain.

    This common ploy usually fails if company policy requires an advance notice period.

  • Upgrade to Premum Seats
    If you are booking economy seats, upgrade to premium seat. They are cheaper than business class but gives you alot of leg space. Most of the premium class are the front seats. Some airlines will offer you an upgrade to business class for a small fee when you upgrade to a premium seat. In total, you may only pay 30% of a Business class seat.   
  • Book Local 5 Star Hotels
    Local 5 star hotels helps you avoid the radar of your travel managers. Most travel managers carefully monitor air travel and car hire but they are less likely to have local hotel knowledge. You can find yourself in a far superior hotel than company policy really allows.
  • Get Yourself a Promotion
    Finally, if all else fails, get promotion ! Yes, if you get a senior management position you can ignore your own rules. Or you might finally be entitled to the standard of travel you feel appropriate to you.

Using these six ways, and any others you can think of, every business trip soon becomes a luxury you can look forward to.

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